Teachers K.P.I’s (key performance indicators)

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In my last post I promised I would talk more about the virtual teacher. As I already said – in the world of synchronized learning I believe the teacher is the most significant factor of the product. The sales policy in eTeacher today allows customers to participate in two trial lessons and only then decide if they are interested in participating in the full course. This arrangement puts a lot of pressure on the teachers by including them in the sales process and in effect turning them into sales reps as well. If the student likes the first lesson he will buy the product, if not – he may decide to discontinue and cancel the deal.

The virtual teacher

The virtual teacher

We feel very confident and we believe in our products and our teachers. Our experience, backed by our data, shows that 85% of students that sign up to a trial lesson go on to purchase the full course. Furthermore, a large percentage of graduates purchase another course. Our registration advisors are aware of these numbers and feel highly confident when they recommend our trial lessons to new customers.

These numbers vary from product to product and there are also other factors regarding students from different countries. But the most significant factor influencing the conversion rates (students who sign up to a trial lesson that purchase the course) is the teacher! If a teacher is unable to create a positive learning environment that affects student’s motivation to learn, this will be reflected in his or her numbers and he or she will not be able to teach.

In the virtual school everything is measurable: Attendance, drop-out rate, continuing students rate, students conversion from trial to active, feedback at the end of every lesson, etc. Our Business Intelligence System processes the data and provides the management team with detailed reports showing every teacher’s conversion rates and trend lines. I don’t believe that regular schools have this level of measurability, especially due to the fact that collecting this kind of data would be more complicated.

And that’s not all. At the end of every lesson a feedback form pops up automatically for every student asking them to rate the teacher and add any comments they may have. These forms are automatically transferred to the teacher and to his or her product manager via email. These feedbacks are also saved in our database and are included in the reports system that we, the managers, receive on a regular basis. At the end of the day we can see a detailed K.P.I (key performance indicators) report of every teacher.

But it doesn’t end here. In eTeacher all lessons are recorded. This means that every word the teacher utters is practically eternal. The recordings turn every lesson into an accessible document for re-viewing by students and for the purpose of professional feedback by our product managers.

So the virtual teacher enjoys the fact that he or she doesn’t have to leave the house and can teach from anywhere in the world. They can relocate to a different city or country and continue teaching as long as they maintain their high level of professionalism. The level of supervision and student’s satisfaction is very high in eTeacher. Data is continually collected and presents a clear picture of highly professional teachers and very satisfied students.

That’s it for this week. We’ll meet again next week.

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